Water Drop (Demo)

Funny adventures await the Water Drop, which has fallen from the sky and wants to get high again. On the way, it will face a variety of obstacles in the form of insects, plants, failure and other traps that you have to overcome to bring our hero to the goal. Adventures begin!

This is my first product. This is the result of my imagination and inspiration, my child, which began to be created as a training project. Work has been carried parts for a very long time. But when the game began to gain weight, the process of its creation has become permanent since the beginning of August 2017.

First, I decided to make a demo for the PC and then for Android. Ideas and features were born actually in the process of creation. When my game grew, my trust in it grew too.

Now there is only English localization, but in the long run also translation into Ukrainian and Russian will be added.

Install from Google Play Market (v.0.17.2)

Download for Android (v.0.14.2)

Download for PC (v.0.14.2)

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